Top 10 Best Bisexual Dating Apps You'll Surely Love348
BY Jordan (Bisexual Bear)

Top 10 Best Bisexual Dating Apps You'll Surely Love

The number of people who specify as bisexual has increased over the years, and many businesses are modifying to better meet our desires, mainly in terms of dating because bisexual dating sites are limited 💖 What are our best bisexual dating options? Here we come up with the answer.

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The new technologies provide us with many sources to communicate with people worldwide 💙 You can meet people online using only your smartphone. 

Here I have curated the top 10 dating apps for bisexuals that operate from a place of honor and inclusivity 💜️ So, check out my top picks for bisexual dating apps and get the love you deserve! 


🏳️‍🌈 LGBT+ Fact

The glamour of bisexual dating apps is that they offer a way to meet, flirt with, and date like-minded people without being bullied, challenged, or ignored for our sexual intentions. 


Dating and Bisexuality

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The best bisexual dating apps make it so much more straightforward for us to find what we're looking for: love, friendship, or seeing what's out there 💖

We know, of course, how problematic it can be to find a bisexual dating app that facilitates respect and inclusivity and which, moreover, actually has a high enough user base so that we can comfortably connect with people that are on our level and set updates without feeling as though we're getting nowhere 💙

This is why I've curated this list of the best bisexual dating apps 💜️ I've checked each one, ensuring they're bisexual-friendly, reasonable, and have a large enough user base so that you're not often hitting in the dark.


🏳️‍🌈 LGBT+ Trivia

Even though the majority of dating apps have been modified to include gay or lesbian users, people who are attracted to both genders are still forcibly missing out.


Top 10 Best Bisexual Dating Apps

#10 Bisexual Amino

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Bisexual Amino is an ideal app for bisexual dating. We can make a lot of new friends and find true love there. The design of the app is excellent and reflexive. It is an outstanding community for love searchers. We can tell people what we like to do and our habits 💖 We can see our status and how many people follow us. Fill out a bio about yourself so that people will know you better.

We can post photos and our impressions on the wall. The app can show us to many people while we can chat with them and get in touch with our friends from other countries 💙 In addition, we can create our blog and talk to people about our bisexual experience. The app is secure, so you don’t need to worry about safety.

If you are proficient, you can advise other members of the community. You can get a lot of backing from this app. You won’t be alone anymore. The app has a good catalog of all bisexual things so that we won’t feel like outsiders 💜️ After downloading the app; you can get warm support from over 50,000 users. So, try it and find your pleasure!


#9 BiCupid

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BiCupid is a bisexual dating app intended for both men and women. It's now used by almost 2,000,000 people worldwide, and most users are aged 25 or under 💖 This suggests the app is more popular with young people looking to date and see what's out there and those more sexually active. 

It's also worth mentioning that we can sign up for BiCupid as a couple. Despite its name, the app isn't just limited to bisexuals 💙 Wherever we are in the sexual range, BiCupid accommodates and welcomes you. But while the app is free to download and use, we must upgrade our account to send and receive messages. 

Upgrading for a month costs $37, with most users preferring to subscribe for three months for the lower price of $27 per month 💜️ We can also subscribe for six months for just $22 per month.


#8 Feeld

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Feeld is a bisexual dating app ideal for anyone exploring different sexualities, variations, and erotic illusions 💖 It's for the open-minded and tolerant who maybe want a hookup, a one-night stand, a threesome, or even an open relationship. However, we can only sign-up via Facebook.

If you've got a Facebook account, you can sign-up as a couple or as an individual, and there are a range of developed search filters that allow us to find people of different genders and sexual exposures 💙 Members are super active and will respond to messages, and there's also a chat room that allows us to meet even more people. 

Multiple things on Feeld are free, including sending and receiving messages. However, upgrading to a premium account lets us see when someone was last active and whenever someone wants to connect with us 💜️ Prices start from $18 per month.


#7 Open

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Open is aimed at "ethically non-monogamous daters," which is the same as saying that it's precisely for bisexual daters looking for open relationships or one-night stands 💖 It's not for those seeking an enthusiastic, long-term association.

A relatively new app, Open wants you to be as open as you wish when identifying yourself 💙 Whatever label fits? Use it! Moreover, as a modern dating app, it relies on using hashtags to express your desire to others.

It's not for everyone, but for the modern, open-minded dater, Open might be the dating app you've been waiting for 💜️ Open is entirely free to use, but there are in-app purchases designed to improve our overall experience. 


#6 Taimi

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Taimi claims to be a comfortable app available to bisexual daters. It's also used especially by people under 24 💖 While many people use it for casual dating, it's also apparent to meet someone on Taimi looking for a serious relationship. 

Like many other prominent bisexual dating apps, Taimi doesn't have a web version. Registration is free and easy, but we must be paid members to send messages. At the same time, everyone can use a chat process 💙 And even though we can only have a proper conversation on Taimi once we have matched with someone, we can at least send chat requests to people that have yet to like us back.

Unlike many other dating apps, Taimi lets us subscribe for just a week, with prices starting from $2 per day 💜️ If you prefer to subscribe for a month, you must pay just over $40.


#5 OkCupid 

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Probably the gold standard of all bisexual dating apps, OkCupid is recognized as the most LGBTQ+ friendly app globally 💜️ Tolerant of all sexual orientations, it allows us to state several identity markers so that it's really easy to meet people actively looking for the same thing you are. 

Sending and receiving messages is free, although the catch is that you can't see when someone has sent you an opening message until you "like" them back 💖 OkCupid has both a search function and a swiping facility. It takes user safety so seriously that it's very difficult for fake profiles to use the site and for anyone you're not interested in to hassle you. 

In addition, OkCupid is free to send and receive messages, but premium packages are also available 💙


#4 Gaydar

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Gaydar is a giant online platform for bisexual dating. The innovators of the app have been with the LGBT community for more than 18 years 💜️ You can find love here at first sight. The app helps people to find friends, dates, and relationships. If you travel, you can find someone who helps you in a new country 💙

We can send a lot of messages without having limits. The app shows the people near you, and you will always know whether a person is online 💖 You can save your favorite people and chat with them later. The app is a good helper for finding true love. So, make sure to create your love story with this app. 


#3 Hinge

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Hinge is a free-to-use dating app open for everyone – heterosexuals, gays, lesbians, and of course, bisexuals. Because it's open to everyone, we must tweak our profile to let people know what we're looking for 💙 Hinge then uses our intentions to indicate daily matches, and we can also swipe through a limited number of users per day. There is no search function, though. 

Sending and receiving messages on Hinge is free. Still, you can upgrade your account to take advantage of features like seeing who's liked you 💜️ And if you're the kind of person who hates creating profiles, one of the best things about Hinge is that it gives us a series of prompts to answer, such as "best Netflix box set," which others can answer back to start a discussion with you. 

Many people use Hinge for free, but upgrading to a premium account immediately lets you see who liked you 💖 Prices start from just $25 per month.


#2 Hornet

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The app makes your connection with gay or bisexual guys easy and fun. You can find a lot of friends there to be in touch with. It is a giant LGBT community 💜️ You can see people near you and the distance between you. So create your social profile and add some information about yourself. 

The app shows you millions of guys; then, we can find someone with the same interests. Hashtags help us to search for guys, and the app has a good news list 💖 We can read articles and change our location online to see other guys from different cities. If you are going to travel, you can make connections with local guys in advance.

This app makes you feel needy because there are a lot of guys that are kind and friendly 💙 You can find your soul mate there and fill the space in the heart.


#1 Tinder

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I think Tinder is the largest app for dating and communication. It doesn't matter who you are; you can find your soulmate there. Wherever you go, there are always people who use it. You can find your love anywhere 💜️ The app is easy and involuntary. What you have to do is download it and find new friends. You can chat with countless people as the app finds exactly suitable matches. 

You can read someone's bio to understand a person. The app can be connected to Instagram to share your photos. If you prefer to meet someone in the real world, you can send a message about the meeting and choose the place. It can be anywhere 💙 Choose the perfect place to make your first date wonderful. 

You can exchange knowledge with other people about your relationships. You will be more confident and free. You may find your future husband or wife there 💖 Chat, meet, and be happy!


🏳️‍🌈 Did you know? 

The world is changing socially, making it easier to meet a bisexual date. There are many more gender and sexual classifications, like asexual, non-binary, etc., that attract bisexual people. So, it would be fair to say that finding a bisexual date is easier today than at any other time in history.


Top 10 Best Bisexual Dating Apps You'll Surely Love


Since the requirements, goals, and certificates are so radically different from the mainstream and entirely single-gender dating services, a new niche has arisen: bisexual dating apps 💜️ With a thriving community, bisexuals face new efforts on the dating front.

Dating apps are making the entire procedure of finding love, flings, or a serious relationship much easier than ever before 💙 After all, with millions of potential dates, it’s almost harder not to find someone! Now’s the time to check the right dating app out of the top 10 best bisexual dating apps here to find the match you’re looking for 💖



Written by
Jordan (Bisexual Bear)