Dating in Thailand: The Complete LGBT Guide256

Dating in Thailand: The Complete LGBT Guide

Are you planning a date in Thailand as an LGBT traveler? 🌈 The Thai dating culture is of a simple and stress-free kind, as described in other Asian cultures because most Thai people are very open about it. There are also societal goals that you need to learn if you truly want to succeed in dating as a foreigner in Thailand. If you are up for that, then let the learning begin! ✊

As one of the largest LGBT travel destinations globally, Thailand is a vibrant country that attracts visitors from all over the world 🌈 While Krung Thep Maha Nakhon (Bangkok) is one of the most popular cities to visit in Thailand, the rest of the country offers its fair share of LGBT attractions ✊ 

There's something for everyone, from the most popular LGBT hangouts to the most exclusive ones and soft sandy beaches to lush tropical jungles. In addition, if you need to consider one another's suitability as a long-term LGBT companion, Thailand will be a worry-free choice for you 🗣️

Perhaps, this is also the reason why you landed on this post. So, here is the complete guide to LGBT dating in Thailand 🌈 If you want to know more, read every point till the end of this post ✊


🏳️‍🌈  Fun Fact!

You will experience a broad mixture of alternatives to meet new friends and potential important others in Thailand as long as you strengthen an open mind 🗣️ Thais are renowned for their affection and hospitality, which is why it's known as the Land of Smiles 🌈 


LGBT in Thailand

Thailand is a Southeast Asian country that has been outstanding across the globe due to its excellent natural wonders and colorful traditions 🌈

Thai people are positively respectful to everyone, which is why there is no wonder why many from the world are massive fans of the Thai mixed culture, including gay, lesbian, transgender, and bisexual communities ✊

In line with this, tourists have been going back and forth for over a decade in the country as it is just filled with warm people ready to face anyone with a smile 🗣️

LGBT Dating_Dating in Thailand  The Complete LGBT Guide

Presently, people are not fully open to homosexuals; there are no societal measures that approve the truth of those attracted to people of the same sex ✊

Accordingly, many homosexuals understand the need to be discreet about their sexual orientation in public 🗣️ Dating through social networks and live meetings then become a channel for this group to find others with the same beliefs about finding partners 🌈


Thai LGBT Dating Culture

Are you wondering whether Thais and foreigners can date as LGBT within the country? 🌈 The response is YES, as the country has been a mix of various cultures, which has led the locals to maintain an open mind and grasp all people ✊ For this reason, many Thai women and men have had great success in building relationships among foreigners and locals by dating 🗣️

Whether you are following any religion or finding your partners, Thailand is a country where freedom is highly recognized ✊ Unlike other Asian countries, Thailand no longer has arranged marriages allowing young people to make their own decision on who and when they want to be partners 🌈 Perhaps, this is the reason why many are happy to love and meet people of their choice in Thailand! 

Since Thailand is enthusiastic and open to new intentions, the local LGBT community also uses non-traditional ways to meet and start relationships 🗣️ One example of that is online dating sites like Thai Cupid, Locanto, F Dating, and Thai Kisses.

By just registering, you can attract girls, boys, gays, lesbians, or other LGBT partners with the same feelings and hobbies as you try to set up a few dates 🌈 Dating sites are good because most Thai LGBT people are very reserved, and you might get to know them adequately via chatting or calling first rather than meeting them face to face right away ✊

Most lesbians from Asian cultures are much different than Western women for the intention that they are put forward to be somewhat feminine, uneasy, and modest 🗣️ It is rare to find someone in the Asian dating scene who will be loud and clear.For this reason, numerous foreigners seek to engage in a relationship with a Thai woman, as it offers a unique and distinct experience ✊

In the case of Thai gay men, many men from Western countries are also fascinated by them, so there is no surprise to hear success stories about relationships there 🌈 Thai men are very different because they are not as arrogant and forward as other nationalities. They are also loyal and enthusiastic about making a serious relationship rather than just a try ✊

LGBT Dating Culture_Dating in Thailand  The Complete LGBT Guide

Western men who visit gay bars or other gay venues in Thailand will readily meet Thais who speak sufficient English to keep company ✊

Moreover, these Thai men are interested in meeting you. Sooner than required, you may find yourself socializing with new friends or even dating on a level that pertains to more than a trip back to the hotel room 🌈


🏳️‍🌈  Quick Trivia!

Life with a gay Asian friend will go more smoothly if you realize certain dissimilarities early on.


Meeting and Developing LGBT Relationships

Most LGBT people find Thailand a welcoming and friendly country 🌈 Still, there are some differences to realize as you become implicated with Thai people.

Thais are friendly people who like Westerners, and they’re eager to introduce you to their country 🗣️ They’re also shy, and most will pause to start a conversation with a westerner. It’s up to you to fill the gap, but the rewards are great once you do.

LGBT community in the world are pleasantly surprised to find out that regardless of their physical appearance, they’re likely to be evaluated as more attractive by Thailand LGBT people 🌈

If so, great! Be safe and enjoy yourself. But as you get conditioned to this very different world, it may help to ponder a few thoughts in advance ✊


1. Take Time to Get to Know the Scene

Thais tend to be shy toward westerners. Many men may look your way in an LGBT disco, cafe, bar, or sauna, but only a few are likely to reach you 🗣️ Be it for a quickie, a date, or more. It can be attractive to accept the first bidding offer that comes along 🌈 

First, the man who makes an arrogant approach ends up with quite a few one-night stand partners. Who is most likely to give you an unwanted souvenir of Thailand? The guy who comes on strong or the one who shyly smiles at you but holds up for you to make the first move? ✊

A Thai man who aggressively comes on to you may have already adapted heavily to Western ways 🗣️ After quite a few Western partners, expectations are that he’ll have picked many of his friends. There is nothing wrong with that, and it could make your date go more smoothly 🌈

But if you’re eager to see and understand a different culture, you’re more likely to get that experience when you’re the one to start up a conversation with a new friend 🗣️ Furthermore, we hope you’re taking all the proper protection against sexually-transmitted diseases that are out there ✊


2. Keep Expectations Inline

After two dates, you may suspect that your Thai friend is hoping for a far longer and more profound relationship than you are 🗣️ That’s not unusual. Be proud, but in fairness to him/her, try to gently but honestly explain what’s natural from your viewpoint 🌈

By all means, exchange emails if you’d like to stay in touch 🗣️ Think twice before sending out your phone number. It’s a drag to be woken up in the middle of the night by a former date asking for a favor in an emergency ✊


3. Is He/She after Love? Or Just Money?

LGBT Developing Relationships_Dating in Thailand  The Complete LGBT Guide

You’ve had many dates with a gay man/lesbian or a bisexual one 🗣️ They seem absolutely in love with you, eager to make you happy, eager to be with you 🌈

Then, out of nowhere, they ask you for money or favors. Is that all he/she ever wanted? No. At least, not in the enormous majority of cases ✊

Eventually, romantic relationships are constantly a complex mix of physical attraction, personal chemistry, and some logical appreciation 🌈

In Thailand, the combination may be different or convey itself oppositely, but that’s no reason to break off an enjoyable friendship ✊ Show some relevant generosity and be clear but sensitive about your limits 🗣️


Social Networking Among LGBT Community 

Social Networking has many unique, notable features ✊ Users can select the type of information and level of personal details to concede about themselves and predict their location in real-time via mobile applications or communicating with others simultaneously anytime, anywhere. These features help arrange physical appointments and build relationships with others 🌈

LGBT individuals have been lucky enough to learn a haven where they may contact probable dates without fear of being judged by others when it comes to online dating. Sure, there are public locations where you can meet a possible match 🗣️

As a result, several mainstream dating sites have taken steps to become more comprehensive, and new LGBT dating sites and apps are appearing regularly 🌈

For homosexual men, dating online is becoming the go-to wingman ✊  We're also living at a moment when a community predicated on nightlife and safe spaces are being forced to stay at home, so LGBT dating sites may now be your primary mode of communication 🌈

Here is a list of some random LGBT dating sites and apps that are LGBT-friendly and free to join:


1. eHarmony 

We found eHarmony to be one of the most beneficial dating sites for discovering long-term relationships 🌈 The site shows off the largest number of members looking for love who don’t want to play games, especially those over 30 ✊


2. Adam4Adam 

Adam4Adam is one of the oldest and best gay dating sites 🗣️ Started in 2003 by the A4A Network, this website caters to a wide range of guys, comprising gay, bisexual, and metrosexual guys. In this field, Adam4Adam is a pioneer 🌈


3. MenNation 

MenNation is a gay dating site that has millions of capable and beautiful gay singles to select from 🌈 The site offers free and paid subscriptions, with a wide range of features seen on the most prominent dating services. It has a solid and responsible security system in place ✊


4. BiCupid 

BiCupid is undoubtedly one of the best online dating sites for bisexual individuals, with just under 1.3 million members 🗣️ It is an excellent dating site online for impressive and open-minded singles, couples, and groups who want to examine their sexuality, chat, hook up, and date in a safe and welcoming environment 🌈


5. FriendFinder-X 

FriendFinder-X is an online service that generates together millions of people interested in having casual meetings 🗣️ It is intended for singles, couples, and groups of people of all sexual and marital exposures.

The application lets LGBT individuals tease and finally join up to break and satisfy their sexual longings ✊  You'll discover barely any related individuals on the platform, so you might examine alternative dating services if you wish to locate a match for a serious relationship.


🌈 Want more? Then check out our Top 10 Best LGBT Dating Apps to Try in Thailand.


Is It Dangerous To Use LGBT Dating Apps and Websites?

Using Dating Apps_Dating in Thailand  The Complete LGBT Guide

It totally depends ✊ Meeting someone on gay dating websites is no more difficult than meeting someone at a club, coffee shop, or grocery store 🌈

Most of the time, you'll be alright as long as you get the person in a one-on-one chat and meet in a public spot for your first date 🗣️


Which LGBT Dating App or Website Should You Choose?

Love is better than all, regardless of race, age, status, or gender 🌈 Even if we're ready, getting the right person to love is complicated.

However, for gay singles who don't have a lot of date chances in their classes, offices, buddy groups, or daily lives, gay dating websites and apps can be a game-changer 🗣️ The best gay dating sites can accurately point you in the right direction if you're looking for a potential or meeting a companion


LGBT E-Dating & Thailand 

LGBT dating mobile applications, which frequently publicize their users’ locations, help users looking for potential partners easily meet up, have sexual relations, and know their sexual roles and tastes, preferences, and expectations 🌈 These applications play a role in improving sexual relations and genuine love relationships ✊

Most people use smartphone dating applications to discover partners because they cannot find partners as openly as LGBT members in the offline environment 🗣️

Therefore, applications were specifically developed to meet the partner-finding needs of this group. We also found that Facebook is another outstanding channel for the LGBT community to find their partners ✊

Many people use smartphone dating applications every day during weekends before bedtime and after work, as these are the times when people have the available time; for instance, they may be relieving tension or traveling 🌈

Typical locations where respondents use these applications are at home, in vehicles, or in malls 🗣️ Private housings are the most popular location to use smartphone dating applications owing to privacy and safety ✊  

At the same time, vehicles and malls are regular use locations. People have lots of waiting time at these places and may have organized a meet-up in a nearby public restroom 🗣️


Sharing A Personal Information

In terms of sharing personal information, most people exchange photos with their smartphone dating application partners, ones that simply show their faces 🗣️

These photos are used on both sides to assume whether to continue talking to the other party. Most users also disclose their nicknames which they use to pertain to each other 🌈

Thais always use nicknames for informal or friendly environments or stop giving first names that might be tracked to other official information ✊ 

Giving out nicknames is more popular than giving out first and/or last names as the latter is more personal and runs the risk of causing damage to the user’s status 🗣️


Dating, Condom Use, and HIV Testing

LGBT Holding Hands_Dating in Thailand  The Complete LGBT Guide

Most people looking for a life partner met up face to face with people they interacted with through dating applications 🗣️

Those who have never organized meet-ups may be using these applications to fend off loneliness by finding a simple friend to talk to rather than searching for a sexual partner ✊

Although more than half of the users had intercourse during these meet-ups, not even half used condoms in every instance 🗣️ This behavior intensifies with health professionals to increase the intensity of communication regarding the current devaluation of involved risks  🌈 

For your own safety, kindly take note of the following: 🗣️


Be Aware of the Country's Law

  • As a traveler, you are bound to follow and comply with all the local laws and regulations in your destination, failure of which may result in penalties and legal consequences. Some may arise with difficulty.
  • Be aware that authorities may pertain to local laws inconsistently. Traditional people may actively or passively discriminate against LGBT people.


How to Reduce the Risks?

  • Research the laws, customs, and behaviors of where you’re going. Follow the local Thai laws. Even if you contradict them.
  • Appreciate what the local law says you can and can't do when you're there.
  • Know what the legal protections are for LGBT people in your destinations.
  • Consider whether you are safe visiting a destination which you may be contrasted against.
  • Find out about the comfortable places for social activities, including partying. Speak to other LGBTI travelers before you go.
  • Be cautious of new friendships, especially those you make online or through dating apps. Criminals may target you because you're LGBT. They may try to influence or harm you.
  • Check out our travel advice on partying safely.


LGBT Dating Additional Tips

  • It is important to read and be familiar with the travel advice provided for the countries you plan to visit. 
  • Choose a destination where you'll feel safe and happy being who you are. Be ready for any problems you might face.
  • Learn the laws and culture of where you're going. Stay within the law, even if you hardly disagree with them.
  • Research guidebooks and online forums that cover issues for LGBTI travelers in detail. Check out the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, and Intersex Association.
  • Leave a detailed itinerary with someone at home. Plan to keep in systematic contact.


Utilizing the LGBT Dating Apps

Having the app downloaded isn’t enough 🗣️ You need to use them! ✊ And no, if you choose to respond to messages once or twice, you take a mess each day and it just isn’t enough. Devote the time amount of time finding dates as you would to that date. In other words at least 20+ minutes a day 🌈

Use FaceTiming before meeting up. Some dates are convinced by the pre-date get-to-know-you FaceTime ✊ Sometimes, you may find yourself on a date where you immediately realize you're not interested in the person. In this case, a quick FaceTime before the actual date can help you avoid wasting time.

If you're comfortable with video calls or concerned about going on a date with the wrong person, trying this technique might be worthwhile. Additionally, it's essential to put yourself in situations where you can meet potential partners to increase your chances of finding a long-term relationship 🌈


Going to Bars or Coffee Shops

LGBT inside the Bars_Dating in Thailand  The Complete LGBT Guide

Specifically, a bar or coffee shop that you like. Why? Because odds are, you and the other supporters are attracted to similar energy, and you may have something in common 🌈

LGBT Dating within a community might be the key to finding partners who stay off of apps and are more observant of real-world connections ✊

So, while you’re there, consider introducing yourself to someone you’re drawn to or someone you see there regularly 🗣️ Here are some lines to try out:

  • “Hey, I’ve seen you here a few times and needed to enroll myself.”
  • “I don’t know if this is something you’d be enthusiastic about, but I’d like to give you my number if you want to grab a cup of joe together sometime.”
  • “Would you be thrilled to be sitting together? I’m new to the area, and I’m making an effort to be better about meeting people.”
  • “We keep running into each other here by accident. I’d love to give you my number, so we can undertake it on goal sometimes.”


If you’re mainly interested in dating other men and nonbinary folks, check out gay and queer-specific drinking spaces. To find some close to you, hit up Google 🗣️

Join a club or other community project or local Facebook groups; there are “bisexual baker meetups,” “gay dodgeball teams,” “lesbian pride marches,” and “‘Queer Eye’ watch parties” 🌈

Finding group activities in your neighborhood and pushing your focus toward community-style activities and meetups will bring you around more people who have a related interest to you ✊

If you’re sexually courageous, try LGBT one-night stand parties or other sexually-positive spaces. As more people get vaccinated, sexually-positive spaces are beginning to open up, too 🗣️


Dos When Dating a Thai LGBT Partner

 1. Be Polite

Thai people generally value politeness and respect in their culture, and this extends to relationships as well 🗣️ Westerners who are less polite than Thai men may find it difficult to adjust to the local dating culture. Remember that in Thailand, being polite is highly valued and can make a significant difference in creating a positive impression on a potential Thai partner 🌈 


2. Do Pay for Things 

It's not just because you're a Westerner, and it's not true that some Western men think that their Thai partner is only in the relationship for the money. In Thai culture, it's typical for the Thai partner to pay for everything when an LGBT couple is dating  🌈

The Thai people then will foresee you doing the same 🗣️ Thailand is inexpensive, so don’t be cheap! Take him/her out for a nice meal, go to the movies or buy a gift. Nothing you pay for will crack the bank, and they will be pleased ✊


3. Be Nice to Their Families

If you are lucky enough to meet a Thai family, it means they like and trust you ✊ When you do meet the family, be nice to them. Thai people like their families and will put them above everything, jobs, relationships, even marriage 🌈


4. Be Sure to Be Polite in Public

I have seen several Western gay men with Thai partners screaming at shopkeepers, being disgusting to waitresses, or arguing loudly about something stupid There is nothing more uncomfortable for Thai people than being rude in public.

Keep your anger and keep calm 🗣️ Thais think the person who misplaces their temper ‘loses face’ and, in turn, is the absolute loser. Those who retain their anger and aren’t rude are honored in Thailand 🌈 Those who do are considered low-class, and your Thai partner will think the same of you.


5. Do Dress Well

What you wear and how you look in Thailand are frequently more significant than who you are 🗣️ Show up well dressed and well-groomed, and your Thai partner will be proud to be with you 🌈


Don’ts When Dating a Thai LGBT Partner

Don'ts when LGBT Dating_Dating in Thailand  The Complete LGBT Guide

1. Don’t Pressure Them for One-Night Stands

No matter what many Westerners think, ordinary, average people do not have a one-night stand with someone on the first date 🗣️ Pressuring your partner for a one-night stand, if she/he loves you, is the quickest way to get them to throw out you ✊


2. Don’t Make Them Select You Over Their Families

Trying to make a Thai partner choose you over their family will bounce back every time 🗣️ Thai people love their families, and if force comes to shove, they will select them over something or someone else just about every time ✊ 


3. Don’t Mention Money 

Thai people consider it distasteful when a man talks about money frequently. If a Western man keeps boasting about his wealth and income, it may be perceived as low-class behavior in Thai culture 🗣️ In that case, the partner might seem enthusiastic, but, deep down, they are thinking, “What a loser.” Show you have sufficient money to take care of them by being decent. Just don’t talk about it 🌈 


4. Don’t Smell Bad

Thailand is an exceptionally hot country, and Thais shower three times a day. On the other hand, some Western guys think washing every couple of days, and wearing the same clothes for two or three days, is probable. But it’s not ✊

 A shower in Thailand is required every day, and two or three is even better 🌈 Your Thai partner will be exceptionally clean all the time. And they will want you to be too. Thai girls, especially people who smell, and few of them will date a guy for long who does 🗣️ A bit of water won’t kill you. Use some, please ✊


5. Don’t Complain About Thailand  

Thais are entirely emotional about their country, and even a small or silly complaint can make them dislike you 🗣️


Finally, these simple dos & don’ts, and tips will make an opening relationship with your Thai LGBT partner much more manageable ✊ Thais are some of the most relaxed and accepting people globally, so dating a Thai person can somehow be a lot simpler than dating a Western one 🌈


🌈 Planning to travel and have fun with your LGBT partner? Then make to read out our Top 10 Most LGBT-Friendly Places to Visit in Thailand.


Dating in Thailand _The Complete LGBT Guide


🏳️‍🌈 LGBT Vocabulary Time! 

LGBT Vocabulary_Dating in Thailand  The Complete LGBT Guide

: not deterred by danger or pain; brave


: a social activity where two individuals meet to evaluate each other's compatibility for a potential romantic relationship; the purpose of dating is to determine if there is a mutual interest, attraction, and potential for a future intimate relationship


:  very large in size, quantity, or extent


Meet up
: to meet or encounter someone, often by prior arrangement


Sexually Transmitted Diseases
: typically contracted through sexual contact. The bacteria, viruses, or parasites that cause these diseases can be transmitted from one person to another through the exchange of bodily fluids such as blood, semen, vaginal fluids, and others



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