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Top 10 Best LGBT Dating Apps to Try in Thailand

LGBT life is everywhere in Thailand. But, dating is an effort, no matter what procedure you select 🌈 You could bravely strike up a chat with a stranger at your neighborhood cafe or you could invite a buddy to set you up with one of their friends, but if you're like most people, you perhaps turn to the online dating apps

Young Woman Kissing Her Girlfriend That's extremely credible if you're a member of the LGBT community 🌈, who primarily likes to keep trying a dating site or app. As a consequence, several dating apps have put up with steps to become more extensive, and, even better, new LGBT dating apps are often coming out 🗣️

So to encourage you to meet your match, we've collected the Top 10 Best LGBT Dating Apps you can try in Thailand.


#10 Ok Cupid

OK CUPID may be the most detailed dating app and website in circulation specifically. It’s an app for all sorts of explicit exposures, 🗣️ but with an enormous look of choices to arrange your appreciation.

Ok Cupid In this app, you can jot down all your concerns and motives in life, besides uploading numerous pictures, arranging gender, and promoting intentions ✊ By answering some general topics, the system matches you with people who are interested in the same view of life.

The flip side is that it contributes many numerous choices of matching, so it’s harder to use and compels much more time to build a good profile 🌈 An additional downer part is that if you need to realize who liked you, you want to pay for the premium version, plus there are also several internal advertisements 🗣️

So, don’t overwrite yourself and use this app as an outstanding add-on while you are using all the other apps. 


#9 Taimi

If you are searching for an LGBT Dating and chat app, our 9th choice, the Taimi, will also be a good one for you to try 🌈 It is a promising gay, lesbian, transgender, and bisexual dating app with more than 2,000,000 entire users and 140,000 matches. You can chat for free, call, make videos, create posts & articles and get to know your love partner ✊

Taimi Taimi is a comfortable and trusted LGBT dating app for the open and easy-going LGBT people who like all the colors of the rainbow. The app enables you to explore, cut, and attach with like-minded people 🗣️ with whom you can use up the colorful periods of your life 🌈

The Taimi App possesses 4,000,000+ live and real fans with whom you can converse, create videos, posts & stories, join groups, and more 🌈 You don’t have to bother about security problems because the app has requirements for security characteristics like pin, face distinction, and fingerprint.

Moreover, Taimi lets you upgrade your plan with its Pro Version which empowers you with numerous plans. Taimi began as a unique gay dating, but now is more than a dating app for everyone. It's a community of open-minded and easy-going LGBT people ✊

At the same time, you can swipe, match, chat, call and join the partner of your ambitions. You can improve your network while meeting someone special 🌈


#8 Scruff

Scruff might have a significance entirely as a hook-up app, but not so, members all over the world have met their partners and mates through this app, and users are 🗣️ pleasured by the stories of love shared with the community over the years. So, we included it in 8th place in our list of top 10 best LGBT dating apps to try in Thailand.


One main aspect that sets off Scruff, an app that caters to gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals from its opponents is "Scruff Match," a platform exclusively designed for single men seeking romantic partners or companionship. It restricts the display of profiles to other single men who are also open to dating or establishing relationships ✊

Having a clear and distinct headshot is one of the most significant ways to differentiate yourself from other users on a dating app like Scruff 🌈 However, Scruff is free, but you can try Scruff Pro for $19.99 per month, which offers endless search, filters, and the potential to form your grid of forthcoming matches.


#7 Hornet

Initially created in 2011 as a “better edition of Grindr,” according to the company, Hornet has since become one of the world’s biggest gay apps with 30 million users worldwide ✊ Their goal is to build a digital home where gay men stand concerned, favored, and also where they can find their partners. 


In addition to the app, which caters mainly to the G, B, T, and Q letters of the LGBTQ+ acronym, Hornet furthermore gives “stories'' space on its website with LGBT-pointed content, from advice on how to prevent damaging yourself from society 🌈

Hornet is primarily a social networking app rather than a dating app geared towards fostering long-term relationships. While the app is free to use, similar to other dating apps, users must upgrade to the premium version to access all of its features, which start at $9.99/month 🗣️


#6 Jack'd

The Jack'd app takes 6th place in our list of the top 10 best LGBT dating apps to try in Thailand. It self-identifies as “the most different digital queer space in the world🌈 The app is recognized as a place where users can be themselves and discover relationships without the anxiety of the sort of discrimination and harassment that can be commonplace on such apps 🗣️

Jack D

Like Scruff, it caters to the GBTQ letters of the acronym. They strive to make everyone 🌈 be convinced that Jack’d is a usable space, where people can be both sexually and emotionally open, and because of this, Jack’d is one of the best places for the LGBT community to find dates and build new relationships.

To that end, ahead in its account, Jack’d concentrated on the gay community of color through its marketing, support, and social media, which is an endeavor that proceeds today. Jack’d is free and gives a Pro version for $9.99 per month ✊


#5 Her

HER is one of the world’s largest dating apps for lesbians and queer communities. Developed for queer people by queer people, HER is a comfortable and broad space where you can associate with gay women, find LGBT 🌈 circumstances near you, catch up on all the latest news and content, and maybe even discover your long-awaited partner 🗣️


Come to be a part of the welcoming and stable population where you can meet smaller community group chats, find single gay women in your area, make friends, go on a date, or just have fun 🌈 With an ever-growing, authentic, safe, and active community, HER is one of the best dating apps for gay women looking to make connections and find their community ✊

HER also has all the latest LGBT news and content so you can stay up to date with everything happening in the LGBT world 🗣️ The app makes it easy to find fun and educational HER-sponsored events in your area, events that are built by and for individuals, whether you’re lesbian, bi, gay, non-binary, a transgender woman, a transgender man, or gender non-conforming. So, it holds the 6th best LGBT dating app to try in Thailand 🌈 

HER is focused on the unique behaviors and community interests of gay women ✊ The app, which is one of the largest for LGBT women, is free, but also offers premium memberships, starting at $14.99 per month 🌈 


#4 Zoe

Zoe is the 4th best LGBT dating app to try in Thailand. It is an interactive dating app for lesbians 🌈 who are in a search of dating, a relationship, or a romance. You can join your suitable partner by building a profile with obvious headshot pictures. Do take note that they don't accept photos with other body parts, pets, and nature content 🗣️


Since Zoe is a visual dating app, the app just considers profiles who have confirmed their photo through a Face ID. A green right sign means the profile is confirmed and a real user ✊

Like Tinder and some other LGBT Dating Apps, you can swipe left or right to discover your real match. You can chat, and send photos and snaps to interact with profiles that interest you 🌈 Photos persist permanently, nevertheless, the snaps will be auto-deleted once the message will be read. Zoe also has a special mode that enables the user’s profile to be apparent only to their matches 🗣️

There is also a premium membership available for the users who have loved the free version and want to put up with the benefit of more features 🌈 There is also one feature called "rewind." It allows any users to take back the action ✊ of accidentally swiping left or right.


#3 Tinder

Tinder is the 3rd best LGBT dating app to try in Thailand on our list. It is not only very decent for heterosexual one-night stands or weird threesomes but works fine well too for LGBT individuals who need to date, possess nice simple mating, or explore friends 🌈Tinder

By swiping right and left, you will be able to chat only with people you matched with which stops the uncomfortable times when creepy girls bug you with unwanted chats or naked images 🗣️ Make sure to upload your best facebook snapshots, share your “tinder moments”, write a catchy description, and get a kick out of the game

Many people said that it is not possible to discover long-term connections on it, but only one night stands, it relies and it’s a fine cool ego booster, after all. Previously Tinder has published an ✊ upgraded version called TinderPlus where, by paying 324.03 THB/month, you can change your location or rewind your last swipe 🌈


#2 Thurst

Thurst, holding second place, is one of the best choices for the LGBT community to use in Thailand 🌈 


You would get at an abundance of apps for the gay and lesbian community but what about Transgender individuals who are also searching for dating partners? 🗣️

That’s where an app called Thurst comes in. It’s a dating app for trans, gay, and gender non-conforming populations ✊ Different from Grindr, Scruff, and Joe, the app has alternatives to appoint the gender from multiple possibilities. You could register and begin using the app if you are Trans, Queer, Asexual, or Pansexual 🌈

The app gives people to interact with a community of like-minded people and develop a comfortable setting. The app is secure and safe because of its formal policy against sexism, gender inequality, discrimination, hate speech, body shaming, and more 🗣️


#1 Grindr

Grindr is the top most popular and the best LGBT dating app to try in Thailand. Particularly, it is very popular among gay people in the country. On this app, you can discover any choice of people ✊ You have entries for witty men, smart men, hot men, but most honorably men who are looking for friends with benefits or no strings attached, nothing more important 🌈


Founded in 2009, the app claims to have more than 6 million users across 196 countries including Thailand ✊

Grindr has an incredible user interface (UI) that enables users to detect the profile of other gay men in a grid setup. You can furthermore see their online status, neighborhood, and exact profile (weight, height, attention, body type, etc.) 🗣️ It also allows you to add your favorite user whose profile will seem on your screen with a yellow dot 🌈 Furthermore, there is a blocking possibility ready in case you no longer want to see the profile again.

Grindr Xtra is a premium subscription that entitles users who want features like being able to see additional profiles, premium filtering possibilities, the facility to send more than one photo at once, read receipts, endless blocks, endless favorites, and saved games 🗣️ But for that, you have to pay $24.99 per month. This outstanding app is functional on both iOS and Android ✊


Asian Gay Couple Standing Hugging near Window Home Young Asian Lgbtq Men Kissing Happy Relax Rest Together Spend Romantic Time Living Room Modern House Morning


LGBT Dating Apps are no longer an unusual thing to see on your friend or colleague’s smartphone. People have become familiar with and support the LGBT community more than ever 🗣️

However, as a gay, lesbian, or gay person, finding like-minded people enclosing you takes up a little more effort. That's why we researched and compiled a list of the Top 10 LGBT Dating Apps to try and use in Thailand ✊ It may help you cut to the chase and find the perfect match for you 🌈


Top 10 Best Lgbt Dating Apps to Try in Thailand


🏳️‍🌈 LGBT Vocabulary Time

Gender Nonconforming
: a label assigned to individuals who do not adhere to the societal gender norms expected of them. This term typically pertains to one's gender expression or presentation, encompassing how a person dresses and presents themselves.


: a term formed by combining the initial letters of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender; it is an inclusive term that serves as an umbrella to represent the diverse community as a whole


: non-binary or genderqueer is an encompassing term used for gender identities that do not fall within the traditional male or female categories and instead exist beyond the gender binary.


: used to describe individuals who experience romantic, sexual, or affectional attraction towards people of any gender or sex 


: “queer” is more of an umbrella term that can refer to “anyone who wants to identify as queer and who feels somehow outside of the societal norms in regards to gender or sexuality”



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