Top 10 Ways to Support LGBT Employees in Thailand433

Top 10 Ways to Support LGBT Employees in Thailand

Did you know that Thailand has some of the largest LGBT communities in Asia? According to some reports, it is estimated that there are around 4 million LGBT individuals in the country!!

Therefore, the country assists and gives talented workers from all atmospheres chances. They are enthusiastic to be among the first countries to promote LGBT approval as part of the workplace.

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In Thailand, they care about employee diversity because they believe that an unconditional workplace facilitates employee development and helps the improvement of the country.

Thailand is a country at the lead of LGBT's quest for equivalence. So today, we will see what they can do to support LGBT employees to work heartily & stress-free. Accordingly, here are the top 10 ways to support LGBT workers in Thailand.



#10 Give Support from the Top-Level

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Outstanding support from the senior management staff is a priority when assuring the safety of LGBT workers. It's better to have a top management staff person who holds the lead on LGBT employee inclusion. That person may not be LGBT themself, but a supporter. 

This senior manager should be the LGBT employee resource group (ERG) executive sponsor. This person may be from any department. So, LGBT-friendly and tolerant top-level management will indeed support LGBT workers to have an excellent time during their working hours.



#9 Take Anti-LGBT Reports Seriously

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In Thailand, it is now unnecessary to discriminate based on sexual exposure or gender identity. But it is not just enough. A workplace wants a high company non-discrimination policy based on sexual orientation and gender identity. It is the same as the policies that cover gender, race, and religion. An organization should have a solid non-discrimination policy in place. To ensure it clearly expresses that it covers all recruitment and improvements. 

Furthermore, it's better to establish a communication plan to be sure all employees know what is not allowed in the workplace. Not if, but when homophobic bullying, racism, or harassment occurs to acknowledge the existence of the question put forward, rapidly attend techniques to explore and take proper action. It's good to ensure employees feel safe in making reports. 

A good non-discrimination policy includes: 

  • Clear language that discrimination will not be accepted
  • Specifics about forbidden behavior
  • An explanation of the punishments for violating the policy
  • A clear outline or resentment method for an employee who has suffered discrimination
  • Prompt analysis of complaints of discrimination
  • Protection against retaliation

More and more employers have non-discrimination policies that restrict discrimination based on sexual orientation; a much smaller number of company policies include gender identity. In some cases, a company’s policy may be the only thing an employee can indicate in the event of discrimination.



#8 Support the Local LGBT Community

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Another way to help the LGBT workers in Thailand is to assist the local LGBT community. Show your support to the local LGBT community where you employ by giving information to employees about local events, groups, and resources. Sponsor a Pride Party, or even sponsor your LGBT ERG to join in local Gay Pride events, have a corporate stall, and use it for customer leads and talent recruiting. 

Management can organize to honor National Coming Out Day or develop a video series of employees sharing their stories of coming out privately and yet again professionally. Motivate volunteering at LGBT events throughout the year. Sponsor local organizations, from general support agencies to those that provide desired services to people experiencing homelessness, youth, seniors, persons living with risky immune systems, students, and more. 

In addition, sponsor local or national sporting federations or crews, local gay men’s chorus, or other cultural groups/events. Invite LGBT speakers to share their experiences with the team. There are also national and international organizations that support correspondence and human rights. The LGBT nonprofit sector regulates shoestring budgets and can desperately use in-kind and financial support.



#7 Support LGBT Entrepreneurs

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Sponsor the local LGBT section of commerce. Encourage LGBT employees to get involved to define the company in the LGBT Chamber. If and where possible, allow the employee to mentor small business owners. Sponsor LGBT-created startups with funds, product/service discounts, or in-kind sponsorship to help the small business grow. 

The owners and top management can add LGBT-friendly procurement policies and actively seek products and services from LGBT-owned businesses. Contemplate giving a workshop on how to do business, the steps to becoming an upheld small business dealer, if any certification is required, or what other factors may help them secure a vendor agreement with the company.

List and link to all the organizations you support of LGBT-owned businesses in whatever manner on one's employer listing. So many companies do great things, yet no one other than the benefiting organization has any clue. It makes LGBT employees proud to work, demonstrating to LGBT candidates that the places are involved in the community and, therefore, likely a fantastic place to work.



#6 LGBT Competency Training

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Ongoing LGBT awareness training is essential to fostering an inclusive and welcoming work environment. The content should be progressive and continual; if any place doesn't already, consider regularly adding notable corporate and societal historical figures to company communications. It may feature persons who helped shape the company in the past or present. Form diverse employees. 

The thing about LGBT employees is that, unlike age, race, or gender, all are typically obvious for the most part. Being LGBT is not always as apparent, and therefore, if the culture is welcoming. The employee is okay with it; clearly state their LGBT identity and all the great stuff they do within and for the company/organization.

This creates attention and indicates to all employees that their work merits the contributions of its employees, including LGBT employees. Depending on the company's size, I usually recommend emphasizing an employee once a week. Creating a video interview or video story is most favorable. For those features that are LGBT employees, you'll now have LGBT employer branding content. 

It's better to share all via a company's YouTube channel. For LGBT features, add them to the Employer listing too. This is a moral supporter for other LGBT employees and a clear message that discrimination and harassment are unacceptable. I recommend mixing this and other creative ideas with traditional training. It is a message. However, that enhances the training empowered, and if you suppose it to be a micro lesson, it's good.



#5 Offer LGBT-Friendly Benefits

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Comprehensive benefits packages and non-discrimination clauses are essential for job seekers when researching possible employers. In studies, it was found that having LGBT benefits is also significant to young heterosexual job seekers. All-around job seekers want to feel they are working for a fair employer that is socially and environmentally credible. 

Be sure not to prohibit LGBT families and transgender individuals unintentionally. Offer similar advantages to all employees, regardless of their sexual orientation, including parental leave, adoption leave, and time off to care for dependents. 

Gendered language can cause parental benefits to exclude LGBT families unintentionally. Raise your benefits inclusive of all employees by being aware of what words you use in your coverage and favoring gender-neutral terms. it is the right thing to do for all employees as it is gender equality pointed to. 



#4 Support Transgender Employees

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As transgender perception within the LGBT community has improved over the past few years, it has become clear that transgender people face unique experiences and challenges. Consider what steps to take after an employee comes out as transgender to build a supportive and cheerful environment. 

Human Resources is an essential player in helping transgender employees during the complicated and lengthy process of transitioning. I recommend special training from trainers who are themselves transgender. 



#3 Engage with the Community

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In truth, no amount of training, attention, or advocacy can repeat the lived experience of a member of the LGBT community. Those experiences vary hugely and must all be considered when managing employees.

No matter how different and forward-thinking, organizations and individuals may still have a lack of perception of sensitive issues, which means even well-meaning dealing can come across as negative, personal, or unconditionally rude. 

For this reason, taking the time to engage with the community is worthwhile. That means taking time to listen, learn, and educate others. Sometimes, it means challenging regressive views head-on.

Authentic representation is a simple and effective way to build a more inclusive work environment. Go beyond showing LGBT community members during Pride Month and extend that view year-round. Ensuring your representation is authentic and avoids tokenism or inferences is significant. Tokenism can occur when an organization only makes symbolic efforts that give the appearance of supporting underrepresented groups without truly supporting those values.



#2 Be an Active and Vocal LGBT Ally

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To support the well-being of Thailand's LGBT workers, being an active ally is essential. That means being vocal and partaking in public truly shows of support. This can also include volunteering at any organization that supports LGBT causes or even participating in local Pride parades. Actively supporting the LGBT community shows you are helping to turn words into action, which might help foster a greater sense of acceptance among LGBT employees. 

Pay attention to the language that you use because it matters. Another way to actively support a healthier, more inclusive work environment is by using inclusive and appreciative language. It’s equally important to acknowledge and address potentially offensive language from others. 

It’s common for insulting comments to be passed off as a joke in casual conversation. Should this occur, ensure this type of language can be painful and unwelcome in the future. While these can be more complex conversations, they are crucial to building a culture of mutual respect.



#1 Foster a Gender-Neutral Environment

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The topmost way to support LGBT workers in Thailand is to foster a gender-neutral environment. Create a gender-neutral environment by making easy changes, such as establishing unisex toilet uniforms, using gender-neutral language, like ‘partner’ rather than husband or wife, and asking all employees to list their preferred pronouns in the email signature blocks and employee directory listings.

If employees come out as transgender or are transitioning in the workplace, chances are to face questions about restroom access. It's the duty and responsibility of the employers to provide a safe and convenient restroom. At the same time, the supervisors are interested in the comfort of other employees. In many workplaces, transgender employees use the restroom that conforms to the gender they are currently presenting. This is the best process to maintain density and respect throughout the transition. 

Uni-sex bathrooms with doors that lock are another option. There may be laws at the local level that will involve how a company handles the restroom issue. In addition, employers mostly have the right to execute dress codes. If the dress code has separate rules for men and women, most places require that the rules for each sex be proportionally equal in their burdens. So, providing unisex uniforms will significantly support the LGBT workers to work relaxed and stress-free.


Top 10 Ways to Support Lgbt Employees in Thailand


People perform better when they can be themselves. If you want to ensure that lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) individuals are fully incorporated and supported in Thailand, then my top 10 ways to support LGBT workers will be essential for you.

Several steps can be taken to make Thailand workplaces more LGBT-friendly, but here I mentioned the best out of the best.



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