The Bizarre World of Coming Out As A Bisexual in Thailand279
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The Bizarre World of Coming Out As A Bisexual in Thailand

Coming out of the closet means opening up about your sexual orientation or gender identity. But it can express some particular challenges all over the world for bisexual people 💖 You should learn about the process of coming out as bisexual in LGBT-friendly Thailand so that you will be prepared when you decide to live a bisexual lifestyle 💜️

Our sexual orientation presents many challenges, whether gay, straight, or bi. We struggle with prejudices about our sexuality and are often excluded from LGBTQ spaces, but we also ignore one another 💙 In fact, coming out can also be excellent. It can reduce the pressure of having to lie low to yourself and offer you the opportunity to bring your whole self to your life and your relationships.

Coming out as A Bisexual in Thailand

Accordingly, this article aims to provide motivation and guidance for those who identify as bisexual and may face challenges when coming out in Thailand. It will equip you with the tools needed to come out and live openly when you feel ready, prepared, and comfortable 💖


🏳️‍🌈 Fun fact

Bisexual orientation is interpreted as having an attraction to more than one gender; it is a fluid and open opinion, likely to diversify among various people who identify as bisexual.


Coming Out as a Bisexual in Thailand 

The Truth When You Come Out as A Bisexual in Thailand

Being bisexual and being attracted to more than one gender can be pretty awesome in Thailand, mainly if you have a supporting network and are engaged with other people who share your experiences 💖

The first step towards coming out as bisexual is the self-realization that there are no “choices” to make about who you love 💜️ You don’t pick your lover, but they appear! There is no denying this truth of life. Coming out as bisexual often involves facing stereotypes and assumptions about one's sexual attitudes. That we’re promiscuous, inadequate of loyalty, or have risky sexual practices, aspects that, in reality, occur among people of all exposures and identities to which bisexual people are barely exposed 💙

With these truths, it’s no surprise that we are less likely to be out when related to our gay and lesbian partners 💜️ Even as LGBT perception has improved in recent years, in Thailand, messages abound telling us how we’re thought to behave and whom we’re decided to love based on the sex we are allocated at birth 💖


🏳️‍🌈 Trivia

In too many cases, people who convey some status of bisexuality are pressured by non-LGBT, gay and lesbian societies alike to “choose” or “pick a side,” suggesting to identify as gay, lesbian or straight.


Coming Out to Yourself

Coming Out to Yourself as A Bisexual in Thailand

Your identity is a personal matter, and only you have the power to define it. Often, people may try to impose their own beliefs on who or what you should be attracted to, but it's important to resist such pressure and not allow others to dictate who you are 💙


Some Tips for Coming Out to Yourself

  • Ignore external tensions and conceptions as much as you can. 

  • We can come out at any stage of life, whether single, marital, parents, teens, or elders.

  • It’s ordinary to feel nervous, excited, or worried while feeling relieved, empowered, and delighted is also entirely normal.


Why Come Out?

Why Come Out as A Bisexual in Thailand?

Most individuals choose to come out because it becomes too challenging to continue hiding their true identity. Whether it’s to enhance a relationship or be open and truthful with people in your life, most people discover that coming out is extricating 💖 When an individual comes out as bisexual; it provides an opportunity to educate others about the bisexual community and dispel toxic stereotypes about our identities 💜️


Some Benefits of Coming Out

  • You can stay open in real life.
  • You can grow up closer, more genuine connections.
  • You can increase your self-esteem by being acknowledged and valued for your complete identity.
  • You can decrease the stress of hiding your identity.
  • You can attach with others who are bisexual.
  • You can dispel misconceptions and stereotypes about us.
  • You can come to be a role model for others.


Challenges After Coming Out

Challenges After Coming out as A Bisexual in Thailand

It’s not rare for members of the LGBTQ community to come out to various people and in different manners at different times. We might specify as gay or lesbian before coming out as bisexual 💖 We all have our journeys of self-discovery and perceptions. There’s nothing wrong with improving how one self-identifies and comes out more than once 💙

For bisexual individuals, coming out can be challenging due to the invisibility of our orientation in LGBTQ spaces and the stereotype that bisexuality is "just a phase" or "not real." This often leads to disbelief and assumptions about our identities based on our partners' gender 💙 Even within the LGBTQ community; these assumptions persist, making it necessary to correct them repeatedly and exposing us to biphobia. Whether it's your first or hundredth time coming out, prioritize your safety and well-being when deciding when and if to come out as bisexual.


What We May Hear and Face After

Coming out as A Bisexual in Thailand

We are Not "Just Confused"

We are constantly indicted of being confused – that we haven’t figured out who we’re “really” enticed to. That’s not true. Being enticed by more than one or even all genders is acceptable 💖 Sexuality can be exciting for everyone, no matter how they identify. That widespread unrest doesn’t mean that being bisexual isn’t valid, though 💜️


This isn’t a Stepping Stone or 'A Phase' 

Being bisexual or pansexual isn't a stepping stone to being gay. They are both legal and whole as sexualities. Being bisexual also doesn't mean we're "half gay" or "half straight." We're entirely us! Sometimes the identity we use to define ourselves alters over time – and that's cool too! 💙


Coming out as A Bisexual in Thailand


If We are Present with a Partner of One Gender, Can We still be Bisexual?

If you're a girl and you're dating a boy and/or girl, you can be 100%  bisexual 💖 It doesn't automatically shut off or become less valid because of the connection you're now in. The belief that you're straight if you're with someone opposite gender is destructive and boring 💙 You can be in a long-term monogamous relationship with someone of critical gender. It doesn't mean you're no longer interested in people of other genders. You're still you! 💜️


We Don't Have to Select "One Day”

There's an awful notion that bisexual people will ultimately "grow out of" their sexuality or that they're just researching in their youth before settling down. That's not true. Everyone can change how they identify throughout their lives, but some people don't at all 💙


🏳️‍🌈 Did you know? 

Your coming-out procedure is entirely up to you, and when you decide to come out, never be ashamed of being unapologetically bisexual, even to those who try to label you on their own terms.


The Bizarre World of Coming out as A Bisexual in Thailand


Being bisexual is okay! It's natural, and nothing new - bisexuality has always existed. Concluding you're sexual orientation might be challenging, exciting, or take time 💜️ Finding your sexuality can take time, and sometimes what you call yourself or how you specify it might differ 💖 It's normal for sexuality to change and expand. Only you will know how to label yourself correctly.💙



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